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About Amnon Danzig

Revised Edition:

"From Enigma to Paradigm"

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Short bio

I was born and raised in Israel, in a small community called a kibbutz.

Kibbutzim could, at that time, be characterised as “pure communism,” in a positive sense: they embodied a direct form of democracy, with each working according to their ability, and each receiving according to their needs; this was almost utopian. The lessons I learned from that period still influence my managerial thinking, especially regarding the advantages of small groups working in harmony and gaining from having a shared sense of ownership and significance for their work.

Over the last 25 years I have worked in diverse senior roles, such as CFO, HR Director, Board Director, and Management Consultant.

The extensive experience that I have gained, combined with continuous reading and studying, has enabled me to develop unique frameworks and methods grounded in hands-on materials.

I have worked globally, in London, Singapore, the US, Canada, Western Africa, Spain, Russia and Israel.

My background allows me to understand diverse human cultures and business environments.

My first book, “From Enigma to Paradigm,” encapsulates the major themes which I have learned throughout my career.

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