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The Competitive Advantage Map

The Competitive Advantage Map.png

The Competitive Advantage Map


Part two of the book “From Enigma to Paradigm” is dedicated to solving the enigma of competitive advantage in four dimensions:

  1. Technology

  2. Brand

  3. Distribution channels, and

  4. How to measure it (economically and financially).


We will adhere to Michael Porter's explanation of the essence of "competitive advantage," and add two layers to it: measuring from an internal perspective (the economics of the firm) and then benchmarking it financially (other firms and the risk involved).

This concept is a unique approach that will give managers a comprehensive understanding of the positioning of their firm and inspire different methods to create growth strategies based on facts.


The book “From Enigma to Paradigm” will explore the theme of competitive advantage in-depth using several wide-angle lenses:

  1. Technology strengths

  2. Cost structure

  3. Propositions to the end client

  4. distribution channels, and

  5. brand strengths

The two polarities of "low cost" and "premium" will be treated with examples.

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