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Nowadays, it is common to say that the
value of your firm is the sum of the
quantity and quality of
internal and external relationships.

It is all about the intangible that the firm creates
to prepare itself for the unknown future.

The way:

Drawing the intersection of the following domains:

  • Iron law in strategic thinking

  • A comprehensive approach to financial concepts

  • Practical Management process to make it happen

  • Create a unique atmosphere to ignite the development of:

    • Human Capital

    • Social Capital

Areas of special capabilities:

  • Leading strategic processes and organizational development in SME (Small Medium Enterprise)

  • Leading and managing M&A initiatives.

  • Thorough understanding of business environments and
    organizational strategies.

  • Fostering cooperation, active engagement, knowledge sharing, and consensus among all members of the organization

  • Consultation and support for the CEO.

  • Implementing structural changes:

    • Defining roles

    • Interfaces and workflows by sector

    • Measurement and control

    • Economic methods of incentive and reward.


You can expect, to gain your Competitive Edge in four steps:

  1. What is your competitive advantage per:

    1. Product line

    2. Within a specific region

  2. Benchmarking the competitive advantages with peers

  3. Measuring the competitive advantages:

    1. Economic - internally

    2. Financial - externally

  4. Creating new policy and the required practices to make it happen


  • Technology

  • Defense

  • Agro-business

  • Manufacturing

  • Media

  • Consulting services

  • Nonprofit organization

  • Service

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